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How Roofing Works

A basic understanding of the roofing process is key in deciding who you want to be your roofing contractor. It’s not as simple as just nailing some shingles to your roof, there is a specific roofing process that is in place to keep you and your house/business secure.

how roofing works

The Start of the Roofing Process

The work begins directly after the contracts have all been signed:

Ideally, everything will be in place by the time the job starts, this means that the materials will be delivered a few days beforehand. A place will be scheduled ahead of time to drop off the materials, this can be your driveway, yard, garage, etc.

At the crack of dawn on the first day, work will begin or sometimes around daybreak. Crews are generally quiet and courteous, trying to clean up after themselves to make it look like they were never there. It will become noisy if they start removing the old roof and lots of debris and dust will litter the work area, but many crews will clean this up for you.

Preparing the Roof

In some cases, installation can take only one day, the likelihood of this depends on the size of your project, however. Generally, it can be said that residential projects take about a day while larger commercial roofs will take longer. Companies and crews will be able to get a clear estimate once they talk with you.

New roofs will still need to be prepared for material installation. This includes clearing away all the old roofing and installing underlayment layers.

Installation Roofing Process

The purpose of underlayment layers is to protect your roof from the weather elements as well as moisture damage, this is why they are located along the edges. Underlayment can also go anywhere tiles, shingles or metal roofing are going to be placed.

As soon as the roofing underlayment is in place, the new roofing materials will start to be installed. Things like flashing and vents will be sealed up to prevent damage caused by moisture, wind and the weather.

Importance of Cleanup

Cleanup is important, a dirty environment an eyesore, unsafe, and uncourteous to the customer. It must be made sure that all old roofing materials and debris are disposed of in a quick and efficient manner. T

he last thing the customer wants to worry about during the roofing process is the cleanup.


Once the project is complete inspections will be conducted by the manufacturer so they can issue a warranty. In this way, all the materials will be covered in case of an accident breaks out during a certain period of time. After the inspection passes your warranty will be considered complete.