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When to Get a New Roof

Sometimes it will be painfully clear that you need a new roof without even looking into every detail and factor. But other times it will be harder to spot problems in your roof from previous storm and weather damage.

new roof

You will only notice until it is obvious and starts leaking or caving in. You may even get a new roof just because its time and you don’t even care about the damage. Getting a new roof requires investment of time, money and energy on your part and shouldn’t be under estimated, it’s a huge investment for home owners.

The roof is also a very big factor in the overall appearance of your house, and will have a big impact on the homes overall value.

Some questions to keep in mind, do you rent out a house that you own? Will you be putting your home up for sale soon? Is the age of your current house over twenty years old? It is recommended that you try to get a roof inspection, so you can determine if you simply to need to repair your roof or get a new one entirely.

For self-diagnosing, here are some things to look out for in determining whether you need a new roof.

Make sure that you don’t take too long in replacing you roof or repairing it. Waiting too long can lead to more dangerous problems and an increased cost in repairs needed, the damage will compound on top each other.

Age Isn’t the Only Reason to Replace Your Roof

As discussed before, replacing your roof may not be related to the age of your roof. Below are some other reasons you may need to replace your roof.

Extensive Storm Damage: There are many ways that storms can damage your roof, and it will appear in many different ways. Strong winds will tear away your shingling and risk leaving bare patches that will inevitably need to be re-roofed. Sometimes dangerous storms will toss debris like heavy branches, or whole trees across and on your roof. The damage of hail can be hard to determine because it may just look like dimples but it can crack the sheath underneath in some cases.  Additionally, hail may put holes through the shingles, fracture skylights, and damage vents. This kind of storm damage can damage the very skeleton of the roof which will collapse the whole thing if it takes to much damage. A good evaluation of the roof is needed after big storms to prevent increasingly pricey repairs in the future.

Aging prematurely: Typically, a roof made of asphalt shingling that is well maintained can last between fifteen and twenty years old. But other factors will cause this age to be shortened such as storm damage, molds, moss expansion and ice dams. If you start to see results of this type of damage on your roof hen you will know that your roofs life is reaching its end. This is another good time to inspect your roof until irreparable damage is done to your house and its contents through major leakage or rotted roof framing.

Increase the value of your home: Many homeowners replace their roof just to boost their houses overall appearance as well as resale value. Even though the roof hasn’t reached its max lifespan it is still replaced before it goes back on the market. For homeowners with older houses, a new roof can update the entire look and give off a brighter look. A more attractive roof will be able to add more prospective buyers as you start selling the house. Having a new roof means that the new homeowner will not have to worry about replacing it or even worry about most roofing problems for a long time.

Remodeling as a project: Are you planning to add on to your current home in the future? Do you plan on adding dormers to increase the profile of your roof, or add skylights to illuminate the interior? Big remodeling projects involve changes to the roofline and installing new roofs. Many times, it’s hard for the old roof to fit in with remodeling done all around so the homeowner will decide to go with a new roof replacement.